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Reading that title, you probably thought we were talking about hours per night. We weren’t. We were referring to the manufacturer’s requirements and the understanding that is needed when you purchase a safe sleep space (i.e., a bassinet or a crib) for your baby. 


Take all safe sleep rules into consideration as well when making your purchase. Unfortunately, there are still many products on the market that do not adhere to safe sleep standards. Browsing the internet, you can always find many products that incline a baby, have sides that roll down or designed to be placed in a bed. These are not safe!


Several factors can affect the bassinet you are choosing. Two of them are weight and age. Not adhering to these factors is extremely dangerous for your baby. Often we pick out items based on aesthetics and ignore the more critical details. 


The other factor is whether or not the item has been recalled. When you are buying an item second-hand, it is essential to check the manufacturer’s website to make sure there have not been any recalled. Likewise, when selling a used item, you need to check for recalls before listing your item. According to the CPSC, It is illegal for anyone to sell recalled items. This includes anyone selling a recalled item. You are just as responsible if you list your recalled item on Facebook or Craigslist. Aside from the manufacturer’s website, you can also check out to see if your item has been recalled.